Lifes Little Surprises!

So today I’ve been sober for 1 month 23 days!

And life could not be better! I cant help to notice all the small miracles happening in my life! The signs, the endless opportunities!!! Everyday whispering in my ear! Today is your day…the change is in your hands. And the conscious decision I have to make every single day to not have that glass of wine…the cravings aren’t there, and I’m thankful!

The small stuff , that’s what matter the most! My baby’s hands in my hair, my little boys picking me flowers telling me how beautiful I am! A special person treating me like no one ever has…The Lord protecting me every second of the day. A small surprise holiday to Bangkok! Wow life is truly amazing and when all the drama and substance abuse finds it’s way cyphering out of your life! The view is spectacular!

Thank you for small mercies. Big opportunities and embracing every single gift life gives me.

Blessed with new beginnings.

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