I’ve got this!

Haven’t written on my blog for a while….

Not because of a lack of interest, but because life happens and as we learn in recovery, you have to face life on life’s terms. Not yours, not other’s! Lifes terms!

This was a month filled with extreme emotions! Up and down! Joy, panic, love, sadness but mostly filled with extreme gratitude and thankfulness.

Today I am 4 months sober.

And the reason for my being, my three beautiful boys are back with their mom, back where they belong and my days are filled again with laughter,shouting, dirt, nappies, bottles, toys, schooltrips and lots and lots of cuddles and kisses!

I stand in Awe of all my Blessings. My Saviour God, for every single miracle that happens every day in my life. For the music that has been restored in my soul, for making my house a home again. And for strengthening me in ways I never thought possible.

For everyone out there, fighting a battle that no one else knows about, I want you to know this. No matter how dark your tunnel, I promise you, your light will come! I am a firm believer that we are formed and moulded in our toughest times! And for such and expensive, hard, traumatic lesson, I’m sure as hell, taking nothing for granted ever again! Spreading the hope.

I have got this!

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