Acceptance is Key!


Hope everyone is still doing fantastic!

Well I was 5 months into my Sobriety on the 4th of September! Super proud but most of all genuinely Grateful!! To my God! For all my Blessings, support, and strong WILL! This path I have chosen sure as hell was not easy, but so worth it!!! I can breathe again.

I have my 3 beautiful sons with me, and everyday with them are such a gift! I cherish every single moment, even the ones where I sometimes feel I could kill them….But all of this is for them!!! And for myself!

These 5 months definitely weren’t without challenges!!!

Geez!!! One door opens, another one shuts!! One day Sunshine, one day pouring!! One day uphill, the other downhill!!! And inbetween the chaos, pausing just to figure out am I still doing this right….but truth is, there is no wrong or right way to do this….life is not always easy and as long as you show up, keep your promises, admit your wrongs, and accept your powerlessness over your addictions, well done to you!!! I take my hat off…..

The key here is Acceptance.

Acceptance of what the situation holds. Acceptance of the outcome. Acceptance of what was. Acceptance of what will be will be…Acceptance of good days and bad!!! Acceptance of the choices made, bad or good. Because at the end of the day. We cant change a thing. And when you rest in that knowledge in accepting whatever challenge you may face, the only thing you cannot accept is giving up!!

So to everyone out there, love yourself, choose boldly, be courageous, speak your truth and be kind…In a hard hard hard world, just be kind…and ACCEPT you are fearfully and wonderfully made!

Love you.


3 thoughts on “Acceptance is Key!”

  1. Lindy jy is een awesome, sterk en amazing vrou! Ek dink dit is die beste ding ooit om jou storie so vir almal te vertel. Lewe is rof maar lekker en ek bid dat jou pad vorentoe net geseend sal wees. Die Here laat toe dat goed met n mens gebeur om jou karakter te bou. N mens wonder soms waarom maar Hy weet altyd beter!


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