Gifts of Recovery!

Hi to all 2 of my followers🤣😂😋

So it’s been 6 Months sober for me on the 4th of October!Can’t believe how quick half a year has passed!! Let alone one whole year!!! My Baby Joshua will be turning 1 in two days time, and it blows my mind how quick this year went.

It has been a very Bittersweet year for me…All I can say is Thank You God!!! For Saving me, for making me realise I have to save myself, for Blessing me with this wonder child!! He is absolutely a miracle baby!!! He’s been conceived in the most difficult time of my life, not in the most admirable way and certainly not a easy time…But by the Grace of God, he gave me this gift that quite possibly changed every fibre of being….This child saved me!!!

If it wasn’t for him and my other two boys Simon and Markus, I think I wouldve been well on my way to the grave…

I will lay my life down for them…each day spent with them is the greatest gift ever!!! Worth every struggle of everyday…but I’m doing it healthy and sober. People came, people left…the booze was no longer an option as a crutch, miracles started to happen and today im well on my way to a very welcome new beginning!!! Well im already living my new beginning…new surroundings, new job, dear dear dear sincere friends that never left my side. My boys with me everyday, with recovery comes gifts!!! Lots and lots and lots of them…

There are still very hard days, but this time around I’m not doing it alone…asking for help…living transparent, speaking my truth, setting my boundaries and standing up for me, my children and what I believe in…I’m standing up for every person out there fighting battles no one knows about…woman suffering abuse, divorces, woman yearning to be mothers, people with depression, addictions and so much pain and suffering…I’m doing all of this for you. You are not alone….

So in celebration of my 6 months sober, my baby’s 1rst birthday and my home finally happy and full, I dedicate this blog to each and everyone out there…

Life is a gift.

Cherish it…

Happy Birthday my beautiful Joshua!

Always be brave, bold,fearless and know that you are loved more than anything in this world…you are a miracle…you guys are the reason for my existence and I dedicate the rest of my life to you three….Sober one day at a time.

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